The tree also sustain conversations


Conversations between me and you? Of course that’s possible as well with our trees.


The content is styles  really is the focus of a conversation.


Our conversation will be more or less like if we were talking together.


Every participant simply propose and vote on what your response will be and I’ll reply according to a set of agreed upon procedures.


Would you like to try such a conversation with me?

> yes vote = from 1 key participant

> no vote = from 0 key participant

>>>> yes vote wins

Well, you are already experiencing one of those conversations. I’d like us to keep talking. Are you interested?

> yes vote = 0 from any participant

> no vote = 0 from any participant

>>  Share your votes and comments below.

I’d like us together to change the world in a positive way. But first, I’d like us to build the software that will efficiently support our conversation. What we’ll build together, everyone will be able to use and then have such conversations with a large network of friends and colleagues in a wide variety of topics and contextes. Hey, I think it can be real fun! 🙂


Let me then describe how I foresee the mechanics of this conversation. While a conversation takes place, we need to interact together. For this to happen I suggest using a system of interactions between me, the owner {owner is not the appropriate term, anyone can suggest a better one?} of this tree, and you, the participants of this conversation.


Someone can have multiple types of conversations. I guess it classifies as social media. I can talk to you or to groups of people, be it family, friends, colleagues and any other type.


There’s no pressure.


The suggested way of having conversations is to take the time to think of your various next things you’re going to say while waiting for participants to cast their votes.


I suspect that even one-on-one such conversations with a loved one could also end up pretty interesting. There are things that would not come to our mind to speak {{mal dit}}, while the process of writing it makes it possible.


Do you usually write differently than you speak?

> yes vote = 0 from any participant

> no vote = 0 from any participant

>>  Share your votes and comments below. 

So if you’re interested, we need to build this system together and everyone will be able to use it. Let’s build the Tree together!


The Tree is entirely built on free and open source software. I thought a very long time about this and I think that for a first version of the system, using the WordPress content management system appears to be a good framework for hosting our conversation.


WordPress makes it possible to easily build a nice place for our discussion. It also handle the connection with the participants. Until we build The Forest together (yeah, that’s a related project, you’d like to know more now? >>>Insert vote<<<) , we’ll use the WordPress users for identifying participants. In other words, if you want to interact with me, you must create an account so that I know it’s you 🙂 >>>Insert instructions<<<.


First step will be to find a way for votes to be automatically registered, compiled and presented back to both the tree owner {mal dit, suggestions?} . I’ve made some searches already.


Can you help me ? 


> I'm interested and have knowledge and skill to help = 0 from any participant

> I'm interested but don't have knowledge or skill to help = 0 from any participant 

> Not interested, thanks = 0 from any participant
>  Share your votes and comments below. >> >> Minimum 5 votes from participants required to continue <<  <<


At any moment, the owner {…} of the tree can at will provide multiple answers and choices to participants. You are not excluded if you’re alone amongst the participants to think differently than the group. The tree owner simply followup when he has something nice or useful to say. It’s important to avoid feeling pressurized. You are not. Go at your own pace. We’re having a nice conversation.

When conversations go in multiple directions, we get new leaves on our tree. Isn’t that an appropriate and nice metaphor? 😉

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