The Tree of our discussion

MV on root page: Ready for the quick overview ?

It the root you’ll see me

dessin root = introductions about me, dessiné par Vickie ?

the our conversations branch out in various directions

dessin branches (with root)

within the way, you’ll be a full participant to my tree by providing feedback to me and together we’ll create the leaves of our wonderful tree.

The tree is wonderful ~ it’s a conversation where everyone go at the speed they like and that is built to ensure we see the most delightful parts of the tree

Here how it works.

I’ll briefly present myself and offer you branches to topics that have already grown out of a previous conversation with some I care about. You can also tell me what you’d care to discuss the two of us together. The branches of a tree can be seen by everyone.SDFLSDIFU

The discussion you will not see are the ones you actively specified it’s something you don’t want to @#$@##$@ PLUS the ones which are private between the tree and other participants.


When you’ll come to my tree, I will let you know where our conversation’s status is.

The most important tool is the depiction of our tree of discussions

tree picture here, the real one

notifications on a per leaf level to ensure only RÉÉCRIRE POETIQUE

chaque feuille-page peut se terminer par un choix qui déterminera la suite de notre conversation

future features:

meter = donner des points aux tags pour filtrer le contenu

Use for the Polls system??

  • In polls, you can check “I’m interested to discuss this further”, which can lead to real-life meetings of the ‘assemblée de cuisine’ style, which can be local or not, real-life or not, have a minimum/maximum number of participants, genre constraints, etc.

offtopic idea:

leaves can have clocks attached to them, where a reminder is set for later

“not now” “later” “maybe later” “no”

… …

potential feature: fill trunk with previous social media posts, scrapped from their API (re lifestream like)

… …


Would you be interested in contributing to this project ?

If you haven’t already done so, you



the about actually link to this page! 🙂



mettre un boite à actions… qui va sur la page des actions…. ils sont personnalisés

action peuvent être plein air avec amis (amis = filtre!),

looking for Animoog players in the Montreal area (montreal = filtre!)

sur la page des actions

moi= me donner de l’argent



Le navigateur idéal serait affiché dans un coin pour permettre de naviguer interactivement dans l’arbre



trouver une librairie pour coder la visualisation de l’arbre en tant que qqchose de beau

eg. Des lozanges bruns et losanges verts , avec le pourtour des feuilles coloré selon la catégorie et/ou selon les tags. Fond gris foncé, losanges bruns pour le core, losanges verts pour les feuilles



The Tree is a tool, it’s all about what you do with it